Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hotdog Social

We had a some fun at the hot dog social! We had hot dogs, who would of guessed. Along with Chili, cheese, Watergate, pasta salad and potato salad. We had cupcakes and ice cream cones for dessert. The older ones played basketball outside and the younger ones in doors with me. We finger painted and made collage's of the new system with glitter glue and other decorations. There were about 25 kids that came and are homeschooled, we will be doing it again next month thats for sure and the theme is Nacho's...cant wait and I will throw it on the weekend so everyone can attend! Will post the next event...


  1. brave woman! i wish we lived close to family with little ones. i want to come to the next one.
    take care talk to you soon.


    p.s. beautiful family

  2. Janice,
    I wish we lived closer too! The kids had a blast and working on next get together. It's a carnival theme and we are doing the carnival foods and games. I will be renting a place I have a lot of kids coming this time, not just my homeschoolers. Were all excited. Love you and tell Jess Congratulations!!! Ryan too :)